Here are some basic instructions for arrival and departure.  Worth printing off before you go!

The Key

The key is in a jar beside the wall round the right hand corner of the house. It may be under a broken flower-pot.


The electricity is turned on just inside the front door. (A big black/red switch labelled ‘House+Barn). Do not move the one labelled ‘Barn Shed’ The timer on the wall below the switch should be set to the right time as this controls the times that the Aga takes its power. This is important or you find yourself in semi-darkness come the evening.


The tap for the water is under the sink in the back kitchen to the left of the washing machine. There are two taps – the operational one is the inline cock NOT the red tap.

Hot Water

There is an immersion heater in the front bedroom (above dining room). Two switches for two different amounts of hot water. The top switch is adequate for up to 3 people but if you are a large group put on the bottom switch, too.


The switch for the Aga is on the wall to the right in front of it (red switch). It takes about 8 overnight hours to reach its full heat so you may find it better just to put on the radiators and cook in the back kitchen if you are not there long. If you use the oven do use the fan – otherwise the controls on the cooker should not be changed.

There is an additional control spur at skirting level – this should be permanently on even if the Aga is off.


The radiators are excellent. Very powerful and easy to control. They do not need to be left on to keep the rooms warm when you are out of them. The dining room radiators can be set to timer which works ideally.


Please do not put any cutlery in the dishwasher – it ruins the knife handles and the silver plate. Please make sure to leave a supply of tablets.

On leaving...


Please leave the house as you found it, making sure to cover the following:

• Sweep/Hoover stairs and floors

• Mop shower room and brick floors on ground floor

• Leave bath, basins, WC’s and sinks clean

• Put away all cutlery/crockery – leaving draining boards clear

• Clean grill trays/cooker top/kitchen and dining room surfaces

• Clean out fire place (if used)


Take all rubbish and any perishables. Assume no one will be coming to the house for some time so don’t leave behind any fruit/veg/butter/milk etc.


Turn off immersion heater(s) and drain the system in the house by turning off the stop cock under the sink and then running the cold tap in the main kitchen until nothing more comes.


Please leave both Fridge doors open with nothing inside – if the doors are closed mould grows fast.


Make sure the electricity is off using the same ‘House+Barn’ switch by the front door as on arrival. (This is vital as the house isn't insured when it's on).


The key goes back in its pot. Please make sure the front door and windows are locked.

Any problems ring Julia on 07894 471836 or William on 07710 574976